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Italian Council of Ministers contests a regional Law on LIS recognition

On Friday 12th Italian Council of Ministers challenged Act 30/2017 issued by the Basilicata Region for the recognition of Italian Sign Language. The reason for the government’s provision lies in the conflict between some articles of this law and the national legislation on non-organized professions, as well as conflicts with the European regulations on the free movement of workers.

In fact, some articles of the regional law issued in Basilicata last November 20th approves the creation of a local register of Lis interpreters and the obligation for the regional public administration and the private bodies within the territory to use exclusively professionals belonging to this register. These provisions are in clear conflict with national Law 4/2013 and with the European regulations on the free movement of workers, as well as with the rules of the Competition and Fair Trading Act n. 287/1990. The conflict between regional legislation and existing national and European laws violates article 117 of our Constitution.

Before the discussion and approval of the Act by the Regional Council, Anios and Animu sent a joint letter to the President of the Basilicata Region and to the Regional Councilors, listing in detail the critical aspects of the draft law. 

It should be emphasized that the Government's action does not express against Italian Sign Language recognition at a regional level, promoted in other regions with specific acts and never contested, but it is against the attempt to legislate on a profession that is regulated by existing national laws.

Now the challenge of the regional Act 30/2017 will undergo the examination of the Constitutional Court, which will deliberate on what has been reported by the Council of Ministers.

Anios and Animu will continue to monitor the issue and promote a correct lawmaking on Lis interpreters' profession.